Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I must say that I would have never thought I would be reviewing a root canal. That being said, after panicking at a different endodontist and walking out, I was referred to Dr. Katz. Reviewing the X-Rays during the initial consultation, Dr. K assured me that the tooth was worth saving (it is a beautiful tooth!). I, personally, was willing to get the tooth pulled as to avoid the duration and psychological stress of a root canal. Dr K, who I liken to Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory (with much shorter hair...and yes, this is a compliment) was very insightful, and calming and assured me that the process would be smooth and relatively quick. I scheduled and actually showed up. It was a seamless visit just as he said it would be. I highly recommend Dr. K! I'm just short of looking forward to my next root canal.... 🙂

- Brian P

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