Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Last year I needed a root canal for an abscess in a tooth that was broken and crowned. This tooth had been re-crowned a few times over the decades since it was first broken so by now there is little of it left. Drilling through the current crown and what remained under it was too risky so Dr. Katz determined the best course of action was to go through the gum. This in effect was now a surgical procedure. This is where his skill really makes a difference. The procedure was pain free and I even went to work right from his office afterwards. There was very little swelling and almost no pain whatsoever. I followed his post-op instructions and when I returned for the follow up everything was perfect. I had a choice who to go to for this and I requested my dentist make the referral for Dr. Katz. This was not my first time going to him and while I hope it's the last time I need to, I will return to him should the need arise.

- David K

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