Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I hope that these words fully capture the pleasure that I feel after my experience at Dr Katzs’. I hope this will allow me enough space to leave all that I would like to say. Any body who has had tooth pain knows that when it’s bad, it seems like there is nothing else but that pain. I dealt with a bad molar for months. I dodged treatment out of ignorance, slight shame, finance and fear. I finally sought help when I couldn’t take the pain any longer. I was referred to Dr Katz by a trusted dentist that I found to help start the process. Against that dentists advice, I waited until it was unbearable. At that point, I felt silly for not heeding his advice, so I sought help elsewhere out of shame. I went to an urgent dental type place. I was told that I needed two root canals and two crowns with a hefty price tag. I felt rushed through the exam, as if I were merely a box that had to be checked off. I did not feel that this place would take the care that I wanted and required. So I put my pride aside and reached out to Dr Katz’s office for help. I explained my situation over the phone and was met with sympathy and compassion. But due to the volume of work that they do, the earliest apt wasn’t for a couple weeks. The receptionist told me that she would put me on a cancellation list so if someone cancelled, I would be moved to their spot. In less than two hours she was calling me back to tell me an appointment opened up for the very next morning!! When I got to the office I was met with a smiling face that kindly led me through the simple intake process, all the while keeping safety measures secure with the COVID guidelines. I was taken back to a private procedure room where Krystal, a dentist assistant, listened to my story and walked me through the process. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Especially because this was my first root canal. After that she introduced me to Dr Katz and he was briefed on my situation too. I was met with understanding and compassion from him as well. They proceeded to investigate the issues with care and informed me that what I had been told previously from the urgent care was inflated and to my relief there was only one tooth that need a root canal. He laid out exactly what he would be doing , all the while making sure I was comfortable with and understood what he was saying. I could tell by his demeanor and intelligent plan that I was in good hands and we proceeded with his plan. As it begun he cautiously began the procedure. I was keenly aware that he knew the pain I was in and that he was doing everything possible to not cause me any more. As he and Krystal worked together, it was really neat to witness. I watched him working his magic on me, while imparting his years of knowledge to her. The communication between the two was flawless. As a finish carpenter with 20 years experience, I recognized the same level of attention to detail that I give in my field. There are ways that people behave that others dedicated to their craft can recognize. I saw that in them. That is what they are, craftsmen/women. The root canal went beautifully. I felt virtually no pain and the procedure went rather quickly. When it was done, he took another X-ray to check and make sure his work was good. He showed me the X-ray and explained in detail what everything was. The relief I felt was almost indescribable. The pain I had endured prior to treatment had rearranged my life. With that pain came emotional distress that I and others close to me felt. As soon as they were done I felt the weight of this burden lifted off me. I couldn’t form the proper words at the time to tell them just what they had done for me. It may seem like this is blown out of proportion, but any one who has been in a similar situation will indeed know I speak the truth here. So please, read this and think if it rings true. Don’t delay any longer. Please reach out to Dr Katz. There is a negative stigma associated with root canals, but in the right hands and mind, it will be behind you and life can move forward. Thank you to all at Katz Endodontics!!!

- Nathan F

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